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shimxia: You're leaving :'(?

well this fandom will always be a part of me. but i don’t think i’ll be updating this tumblr anymore. maybe on rare occasions. 

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divine5: Your edits are beyond excellence. I've thoroughly enjoyed them, and I'm sure the rest of your followers have, as well. You will be missed~

thank you! ^_^ i apologize for my inactivity as of late, but i’m glad that at some point in time, you liked my edits! :)) 

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Anonymous: are you gonna come back then after you finished your exams? Will you still be editing pictures? Don't go~ ㅠㅠㅠ

ah, my exams have ended! i meant that after it ended my interest died down, somehow. um, if you mean dbsk edits, i doubt so, haha. they’d be lacking in heart, and i don’t think they deserve anything less than 100% heart. 

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Anonymous: You are leaving fandom? T__T

ah, i won’t say leaving, lol. it makes it feel like i have no association towards it anymore. but yeah, my interest isn’t that strong as it was before. 

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Anonymous: " #bye bye fandom" WHUT?

i’m sorry? D: 

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Anonymous: where are you going? are you leaving the fandom?

LOL i kind of fell out, to be honest. it seemed as if my exams sucked my fandom craze out of me. it’s unfortunate, but i can’t help it :| 

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